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“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” - ― Thomas Jefferson

This wiki contains a body of information on how your family rights integrate with family law. And if you don't know what rights you have according to the constitution and case law grab a copy of our book, "NOT in The Child's Best Interest." Then come back here to find more details on your rights and how to use them.
You can help others find the support through the information that they have been needing at their fingertips when they need it from anywhere immediately by adding to these pages.

This wiki will help parents, attorneys, judges, lawmakers, and the general public understand how to make the family court process constitutional and how their rights protect them and apply to the family courts. [Since many of the pages on this wiki are still blank, you can go to our website to find the information. Most of the topics in the menu are taught in our classes or discussed in our books. So if you need the information immediately just go here and click on store where you will find the books and the training. If you are here because you want to contribute to the body of knowledge on this wiki, feel free to look around, get ideas, and share some of your writing, links, videos, documents, etc..]

The family court and divorce court process has been so confusing and expensive that it was necessary to create this wiki so that the process could be simplified and de-mystified in order to protect a parent's ability to protect their family and their resources. This transparent exchange of information has become necessary because attorneys are not protecting the rights of the parents as individuals. The process is difficult and expensive. And the patterns and behaviors of the people involved in the process have made it necessary for parents to protect themselves from the process itself.

Parents have been unaware of this necessity until it was too late. Parents are being encouraged to be adversarial. The process is hurting children. and there aren't many parents that understand that they will need to be protected from the process itself and not just the other parent until they have already become another one of the family court victims. The other reason we created this site is because attorneys have not been telling parents that they have rights. In fact most of them believe that the constitution doesn't apply to the family courts.

The family rights wiki is a place where you can find, contribute, and learn about your constitutional fundamental family rights, how to protect them, how to leverage them, and how they empower you to stand up to abuse of power and get free from the control of the other parent and the courts. (You will find that most of the content is applicable to all 50 states in the United States. When material is not there will be a state specific section on those pages.)

*This wiki also contains information and tools about coping with the different dynamics in relationships and the skills needed for working through those challenges at each stage in life. This creates co-parenting relationships, step-parenting relationships, marital relationships, dating relationships, etc.

We hope that this wiki will help you put all of the pieces together in this family court puzzle and make sense out of the pieces so that you can take control of your life back.

Every page also has a discussion tab at the top right, next to the edit tab, where you can chat with others, collaborate, and work together.

This site is designed to be a collaborative work space where we share knowledge on the issues preventing all parents and individuals from the equal protection of the laws and proper due process. (Most of the information in family courts is not very transparent, parents are not informed of their rights, and they do not have help with the process and procedures. And in most cases the process and procedures have created patterns that have led to unhealthy and unmanageable results. Therefore this site was created to facilitate the dissemination and growth of an open body of knowledge that is constantly updating as the tools are improved and we find more effective ways to succeed.)

Explore the topics below. This is a growing body of knowledge so many pages may not have content in them yet. Feel free to post content in them too. (These pages are to aide in the understanding of the application of our constitution to our daily exercise of our fundamental family rights. You do not need to be an expert or know how this work in order to contribute. We will go in periodically and address things that need to be addressed in order to move the issue towards making it more constitutional.)

Choose the topic that has been puzzling you or the one that you wish to contribute to: If you don't see the topic you want below, check the list on the right side of this page. (Please read the Terms of use before contributing. Thank you.)

What will you find on this wiki? You will find information and training on how to challenge statutes, use case law, develop persuasive argument for pleadings, legislation, and reform related to changing laws and preventing abuse of power in the family courts, domestic relations courts, juvenile courts, and other administrative courts and agencies. This wiki was created so that this information can be found, shared, and built upon easily. It was necessary to create this wiki because parents have been denied these rights, are not being told they have them, and then being taken advantage; financially draining them of their resources and abilities to remain active contributors in their community. This wiki provides information that gives you leverage and empowerment that can only come from knowing your rights. This wiki is also to provide an opportunity for those who have not had time or not been able to afford to contribute, collaborate or figure out how to be more effective.

We hope that this wiki will provide you with that missing piece of information or provide you with that spark that helps you finally solve how to break through that next barrier. We hope that this wiki will provide you with hope and empowerment to overcome abuse of power, avoid unnecessary burdens, and change the bad patterns that the current family courts follow.

In addition to finding divorce solutions, child custody solutions, and marriage reconciliation tools. You will also find expert profiles, and other leaders in the community who contribute to this growing body of knowledge.

You are welcome to contribute by posting templates, instructive forms, articles, videos, legislative updates, reform movement and activism tools on family rights. These include elder abuse, child abduction, and
If it is related to anything to do with family rights and you don't see a page on it, please create a page and contribute. Share with others so that they will have the tools to avoid being taken advantage of by those in power.

Please make sure that everything you create and post on this wiki is accurate, factual, and properly cited. Everything you provide here is for additive and not competitive purposes.

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